What's been keeping us busy?

July Twenty Fourth has been quite busy since the last time we wrote.

First of all, we changed blogs. Bethany can't even remember her wordpress login, so it wasn't working that well for her.
Be sure to come back here (julytwentyfourthnews.blogspot.com) for the latest updates.

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Here is a list of other projects we have been working on: 
  • Our identity. Bethany screenprinted our business cards and notecards before she shut down her studio in March.
  • Wedding Packages. We designed an invite, reply card and directions for a wedding in San Francisco. What fun we had making a wedding invitation that was so site specific! The couple was lovely and enthusiastic and rumor has it they had a great day!
  • Logos, logos, and more logos. Projects have included logos for hospitals and garden clubs. Once our designs are chosen, we hope to post them here. Wish us luck!
  • Onesies. Bethany wanted to use up the onesies she had in her studio and both Melanie and Bethany know a lot of people having babies so we designed onesies. Bethany printed them during her last weeks in the studio. See them below and purchase them at our Etsy Shop.